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Dedicated to Excellence 

Premium Home and Office Cleaning Services for York County 

Initial Cleaning

Our Initial Cleaning is the first cleaning appointment you will book with Rock Hill Cleaning Services. This "Kata" or process is designed to methodically move through your home to ensure a full home cleaning. Our pair of cleaners move through your home as a team, room-by-room with a detail oriented approach. This cleaning routinely takes 1 to 3 hours longer than our Maintenance cleanings. Certain circumstance warrant skipping the initial cleaning and going straight to Maintenance cleaning but they are rare and must be discussed with Caleb or Tearyawna. 


Maintenance Cleaning

Our Maintenance Cleaning is different from the initial cleaning in that some tasks might not need to be done. As we continue to service your home we use our improvement Kata to learn and adapt to your home and lifestyle. This allows us to balance affordability and service. We focus on communication with homeowners to understand concerns they have. 


One Time Cleaning

One Time Cleanings are very much similar to Initial Cleanings except that the homeowner is not considering recurring cleaning services. Recurring services allow us to discount prices however we appreciate all opportunities to prove how amazing our cleaning service is.



We absolutely love to organize! It's a process that many individuals feel overwhelmed with and all it takes it some outside eyes, some collaboration, and hard work to make your space more utilized. 



We understand that sometimes an hourly rate might be appropriate for a given task or request. We are always happy to speak with our clients about our hourly rate however previous scheduling commitments do apply. 

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