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Cleaning Your Bathroom

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Mindset Shift

Out of all the rooms in our house, the bathroom is our least favorite to clean. In a study conducted with 2,000 Americans cleaning the toilet was the most disliked household chore. Right above cleaning the oven and emptying the drains. Since we've been cleaning other people's homes we've gotten better and improved our processes. Hopefully, this article can aid in shifting your mindset from the bathroom as a grueling task to a manageable one.

Last year I was listening to a Buddhist Monk answer questions about his life. It's always interesting to listen and learn from someone who lives differently from you. In the chat, someone asked what he did for relaxation. I was so surprised by his answer. He replied, "I take a nice bath. Many people underestimate the value of a good bath." It dawned on me how lovely you can make a bath experience and how the bubbles probably remind us of childhood and a time we had no worries.

Making your bath an experience reminds me of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. This formal ceremony always begins with first cleaning all the instruments, including the outside of the teapot. It's done very quietly and mindfully. After the ceremony, the instruments are then cleaned again. I often times wonder if cleaning the bathtub before a bath has the same significance as making sure the water is not too hot and I've added in the correct amount of bubble bath.

Get your cleaning materials ready...get set...go!

Step 1: De-Clutter

De-cluttering a bathroom is very important. It's small and usually doesn't have a ton of stuff on the counters or in the showers. Removing everything before you clean helps save time and produces a higher detail cleaning. It also stops chemicals and dust from getting on your toiletries.

Step 2: Dust "Top-to-bottom"

Dust is like the dishes and laundry. They will always be there as long as we are alive. Start by dusting the bathroom vent/fan. It collects a lot of dust. Then work your way from top-to-bottom paying attention to the walls because they collect dust too. Finish with all your flat surfaces. Don't be afraid to knock heavy dust to the ground, you'll be cleaning that up at the end. You are going for efficiency here.

You got this! Keep it up.

Mindfulness Tip!
When using chemicals to clean bathrooms be mindful of the strength of the chemical you are using and the size of the space you are in. Never mix chemicals and always use chemicals as directed. Finally, ensure you have adequate ventilation.

Step 3: Sinks & Counters

Sinks always require disinfecting and a good scrub. Otherwise, toothpaste buildup and random hairs pile up quickly. I like to start with the sink and then work my way to the counters. While you clean the sink take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror. Give yourself a mental high-five for cleaning your bathroom today. Maybe even say "Good Job" out loud. You'll be glad you did. If you have wooden cabinets beneath your sink it's nice to use a wood care product to brighten the finish up and help with a pleasant smell in your bathroom.

Step 4: Shower & Bathtub

Showers and bathtubs are usually built out of materials that can handle a heavier acidic chemical unless you have natural stone surfaces. The heavier chemical for these areas will reduce soap scum buildup and ensure the floors and walls of your bath or shower are clean. It's amazing how quickly buildup occurs after taking a few bubble baths. If possible I suggest cleaning before and after every use.

Step 5: Last but not Least

The toilet. We've written a fun little article that focuses specifically on how to clean your toilet. If you have a couple of minutes I invite you to check it out. We will call these buddy articles. They go together like a sponge and dawn dish soap. Just like many things in life coming up with a process and sticking to it improves your skills. Follow the example and alter as you see fit but just make sure you repeat your process each time.

Step 6: Sweep & Mop

There should be a lot of debris from your dusting earlier so make sure to always sweep before you mop. Otherwise, you'll have wet dust that will collect around the edges of your floors. Sweep your way out of the bathroom and then complete the same process with a quality mop. We use microfiber mops that have removable heads. Sometimes for small bathrooms, we find it's easier to use a microfiber cloth to clean the floors due to the small corners and crevices. This can be rough on the knees though so take caution with that level of cleaning.

Step 7: Enjoy

If you've gotten this far you no doubt realize the importance of self-care. You know your home is your sanctuary and you desire to improve it. The most important part of cleaning is enjoying your clean space. A clean bedroom makes sleeping more restful, a clean workspace makes creativity flow, and a clean bathroom becomes the luxurious spa your mind and body deserve.

Check out this infographic for a quick reference or print it out for when you are ready to clean.

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